Anxious to defend the values we hold dear, we have introduced a comprehensive approach to help reduce the impact of camping on the natural environment of the Bassin d’Arcachon. Our aim is to obtain the European eco-label.

Discover the efforts untaken since the takeover of the campsite :


  • WATER :

All our planted areas are watered with a drip system supplied by untreated water. All our accommodation is equipped with a water monitoring meter which helps to detect leaks.

Water flow restrictors to help save water are present in each washblock, public water point and in our accommodation.



Some of the electricity purchased by the campsite comes from renewable energy sources.

We prefer low energy lightbulbs.

Part of the public lighting works thanks to solar energy (photovoltaic).

We select our electrical equipment (ovens, fridges …) of category A or A +.



The oldest trees on the campsite are analysed by the ONF to ensure their life span.

We maintain and replant the forest, based mainly on local species (pines, arbutus, heather, broom …).

All our planted areas are covered with a mulch (organic linen fiber) in order to limit watering.

We do not use any chemical fertilizers, only natural ones. Liming is carried out to help  correct the acidity of the soil. This addition allows our sandy soil to become more fertile.

For our outdoor equipment (cladding, playground, etc.) we prefere natural materials (local wood / PEFC).

Our paths/roads and carparks are covered with drainage material , never bitumen/tarmac (we are only passing through).

All our cleaning products are eco-labeled.



We do not print and send paper brochures. Our campsite is equipped with a selective sorting area. Hazardous waste is collected by companies specializing in recycling. Our pillows are recyclable (Easytex).

The toilet paper is 100% eco-friendly (made from cellulose fiber from the recycling of food cartons (in partnership with Tetra Pack – ref Ecolabel 8811830)



Our campsite is certified Accueil Vélo, and we offer bike rental. This enables you to leave the car on site during your holiday,  and discover the many charms of the Bassin d’Arcachon and Cap-Ferret using the cycle paths.